(Ad disclaimer above crypto ads are moslty scam be careful)

Crypto earning website list with payment proofs

These are the best crypto earning website list 
I got withdraw from them 
They are paying you can work without any fear 
And without investment 
(Create account on them then spend few mins daily you will earn a good amount 
I work not just one website that's my trick of earning)

If you don't know how to earn or you want to see my payment proofs then check my YouTube channel I always make it sure I am sharing trusted websites

Faucetcrypto: is a multi coin faucet which gives users a way to earn cryptocurrency by completing small tasks. You will be able to earn Bitcoin and other altcoins by using our service.”

is faucetcrypto legit/is faucet crypto safe
Faucetcrypto is 100% safe and legit you can work on this website without any fear

Trustpilot reviews as of 7/29/2022
How to Earn Crypto at Faucet Crypto
Faucet: You can claim free “Coins” every 40 minutes. The base reward is 24 coins but will increase as you level up at Faucet Crypto. No annoying CAPTCHA to complete, but there is a short 10 sec timer to wait through. faucet claim faucet reward and timer
Free Daily Bonus: There is also a daily bonus of 35 coins, which is really a daily faucet. So claim these coins everyday also.

FaucetCrypto Daily Bonus
Shortlinks: To get started click “Complete Link button”, wait out the 10 second timer and click “Generate Link”. You will go to a new page and you will click “Show Timer / Click Here” to get the timer to get started. Repeat one more time and you account will be credited.

FaucetCrypto shortlinks
Achievements-Shortlinks: If you complete multiple shortlinks you are eligible for more experience points. These extra experience points will raise your level and your bonus they are not offering shortlinks achievement rewards for reaching new levels
Achievement rewards for reaching new levels.
Achievements-PTCs: As you earn coins from completing PTC ads(paid to click) ads you also earn achievements. 
These things to note: 
1) these PTC achievements reset weekly, and
 2) achievements reward you with coins or experience points. If you complete twenty five PTC ads per week you get the reward from the PTC ads and all the achievement rewards.

Achievements for completing PTC ads.
PTC Advertisement: To get started click “Visit Website” and a new tab will open. Wait out the timer and get paid. PTC ads are the easiest way to earn coins on Faucet Crypto next to the faucet.

Coins available to earn for PTC ads
Sample of PTC ads
Offerwall option: Click here to see a variety of offers from Wannads, Survey Wall and Offer Daddy. Bigger payouts but you will have to give some personal information.

Withdrawal from FaucetCrypto website
I really like Faucet Crypto’s withdrawal process because my crypto shows up in my wallet very instantly. Faucet Crypto does charge a withdrawal fee of 50 coins, which is not much so I can live with that. I have never had a problem with a withdrawal process

faucet crypto bot
Faucetcrypto don't have telegram bot

Daily withdrawal limit at Faucet Crypto
Crypto Available at Faucet Crypto
You can withdraw in below cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin Cash,
Bitcoin SV,
Ethereum Classic,
Proof of Payment from FaucetCryp
Here are my last three withdrawals from Faucet Crypto you can check on my YouTube channel

Confirmed transactions from Faucet Crypto. Referral Program
You earn a 20% referral commission commission on the activity of the users your refer to Faucet Crypto. If you join using my referral link I will receive a 20% commission based on your earnings. This does not reduce your earnings in any way.

faucet crypto coinbase:
You can withdraw your crypto in coinbase account 

The Faucet Crypto Community
Faucet Crypto has an active live community. As I am writing this more than 3000 users are connected to the live chat feature.

faucet crypto games:
There are some games on faucetcrypto you can play and earn coins 

Support at FaucetCrypto
Faucet Crypto does provide an email address when you can ask for questions. I will not mention the email here. Navigate to the Support page and read the instructions. There also available admins in chat.

faucet crypto alternative:
Adbtc and cointiply is best faucetcrypto alternatives

how does faucet crypto work:
Faucet crypto work with ads they collect money from ad networks and they distribute them with faucetcrypto members 

Who is behind this website?
Unfortunately, I was not able to discover who is the owner of this website. With that in mind always request payment as often as possible.

Adbtc URL was registered in 2016 and is located in Russia, 
How exactly can I earn Btc on adBTC?
adBTC offers tree different things to earn Btc.  
The first is their Autosurfing. It's really cool way, just click on it and let the browser do the rest thing. Easy money. 

The second option to earn Btc on adBTC is "Active window surfing". Click on the ad option, let the tab stay in focus, wait and solve captcha.  

And the final and best option is to surf ads! You click on the ad, wait till the timer goes to 0 and you earn Btc. As I said, you earn a lot. You can easily earn 500 Satoshis or more with this website. Some ads even give you over 50 Satoshis. Just No need to keep your focus on the ad. Just click on it and do some other stuff. The timer will go down in the tab background and then you get your money. It's really very easy and pays a lot.

After three ads, you have to solve a captcha to prove, that you are human. That's the only hassle. But it's absolutely worth it, not many sites pay that much and the captchas work really well.

Is there a referral system for adBTC website?
Yes, it's a good idea to reffer friends to adBTC, because you earn 10 % of everything they earn on adbtc. Of course, they don't earn less, you get it as a bonus. Because the earnings are really high and it's easy to obtain 500 Satoshis per day with adbtc, you can earn 50 Satoshis per day with 1 referral or even more. That's a lot. And if your referral decides to advertise his own sites, you get 5 % of everything he spends on his own ads. That's also great way. If you manage to refer someone with a blog who wants to advertise his blog on adBTC, you will earn many Satoshis.

Is adBTC a legit site?
Yeah, adBTC pays you don't worry about it 

How do i get paid from
adBTC rewards you with Satoshi or Russian Ruble, the currency of the Russian Federation, for surfing ads on this website. There are four methods to redeem the earnings.

1. FaucetPay
You need a minimum of 500 Bitcoin satoshis to withdraw to FaucetPay wallet. There is also a maximum of 30000 satoshis to be withdrawn.

2. Bitcoin Direct Wallet
The Minimum withdrawal to Btc address is 50000 satoshis, but it is not recommended to use this method. This is because the Bitcoin network has high sending fees, so it is not worthwhile to pay the fee with your hard-earned Satoshis. Alternatively, use FaucetPay instead to avoid the hefty fee.

3. Payeer wallet 
If you have plan to withdraw your money in Ruble, the minimum withdrawal just 1 ₽ (approximately 0.0134 USD). You can only withdraw these earnings into Payeer wallet  

4. Move To Advertising Balance
It very simply transfers the Satoshi to your advertising balance so that you can use it for your ad 

adbtc earning app:
Adbtc don't have earning app on play store 

coinpayu and adbtc:
Coinpayu and adbtc both are some same features but adbtc is better than coinpayu

similar as, cointiply, coinpayu are similar similar site to
But adbtc earning website is best 
Who Can Join adbtc?
Anyone around the world can join as long as you have a Btc ,micro wallet or Payeer account. 
This site is suitable for those who are interested in earning Bitcoin by doing simple tasks. Apart from earning, if you have a website targeting at persons with keen interest with crypto, you can also choose to run a campaign on this website. It is very helpful to both the earners and advertisers. payment proof:
There are many payment proofs you can check on my YouTube channel

– High paying ads, as compared to other PTC sites

– No need to stay in focus, meaning that you can do other tasks while the ad is running

– You can buy referrals on adbtc

Is Cointiply real? Is Cointiply worth joining?
 is one of the many free BTC faucet websites you can join to earn btc for Free

The good thing is, you don’t really need any complicated skills or knowledge in order to start earning Bitcoin.

Cointiply is available worldwide and open to all members. You can now start earning money from your laptop or smart phone, in any country, on your own schedule and timeline – without the need for a bank account!

There are many of Bitcoin rewards platforms out there, so you probably need a bit of help before you sign up with every free website you come across.

I tried Cointiply for you and I am going to cover everything you need to know about this platform, and few simple ways to earn crypto rewards from home.

how to earn fast in cointiply?
Yes, you can earn fast. I personally have done that. And I’m still earning free BTC on Cointiply 

Once you request a payout, you can expect to receive Bitcoin straight to your wallet address within 1-3 days.

If you’re worried about this being a scam or end up losing your valuable time for nothing, you can rest assured you are in safe hands if you are working on cointiply 

You’ll actually get paid to do things you’re already doing.

cointiply alternatives
Faucetcrypto,coinpayu,adbtc good alternative of cointiply

Cointiply is a cryptocurrency-only reward website or app that gives away small amounts of crypto such as Bitcoin, Doge, Ltc and Dash to users for absolutely free!

With Cointiply’s Bitcoin faucet, you can easily a random amount of Coins in just one click, every day.

is cointiply app legit:
Yes they have legit app you can install from playstore

How much can I earn with this website?
You can expect to earn up to $30 per month on this website by completing small tasks. The amount of coins you can earn on this platform varies depending on your location, demographics, time and your effort.this is best cointiply best strategy for earning

cointiply bot:
Cointiply don't have any telegram bot for earning 

There is no limit to how much time you spent on the website, how many referrals you can send or how much you can earn money!

And the best part is- you can get free 100 coins when you sign up on this website

 cointiply bitcoin faucet review:
Let’s start turning your time into money. Cointiply offers over twenty easy ways to earn free Bitcoin.

No, you won’t be able to quit your job or get rich by performing numerous tasks on Cointiply. But it’s definitely a great way to earn some Bitcoin in your spare time.

Rolling the faucet is easy way to earn Bitcoin on Cointiply.

Login to your Cointiply account.
Click “ROLL & WIN” and complete a simple captcha.
That’s it. You’ll earn a specific number of coins depending on the number you roll.

If you enjoy rolling and earn Bitcoin without putting in much effort, check out Fold Bitcoin Rewards App.

2. Redeem Cointiply Promo Codes

Enter promo code on Cointiply to redeem some free coins.

It’s very easy very fast but you gotta be fast! I mean super fast!

As Cointiply only gives away 99 free coins to the first 13,999 users that redeem the code.

To be among the first to get New Promo Code, you might want to follow Cointiply on Twitter.
cointiply earnings options are great

3. Complete surveys
If you enjoy sharing your opinion, you can participate in surveys for products and services. You can earn between from $1 to $5 per online survey.

Answer some simple questions about yourself, and they will recommend surveys that match your profile. You can see how much you can earn and how long it takes before taking next survey.

Compared to other survey sites, Cointiply still pay you coins even for your time if you’re disqualified from a survey – most websites don’t even do that.

Moslty people ask does cointiply really work I must say it does

4. Play online Games
Another way to earn free btc if you love playing online games.

Here’s how it works:

Select your favorite game that you like and start playing as you normally would. Every time your activity bar fills up, you will be rewarded 10 coins.


The longer you actively play a game, the more Coins you will receive and the more btc you’ll earn!

5. Watch some Videos
Watching online video is one of the great ways to earn semi-passive coins on Cointiply.

Select video you’d like to watch then start watching and Coins will be credited to your account.

6. View ads (PTC Ads)
Viewing ads is a very easy way to earn free Coins, though it doesn’t pay much.

7. Install some Mobile Apps
You can also install free mobile app and sign up for offers to earn free Coins. Higher paying offers may take longer time to complete.

cointiply coinbase:
You can withdraw your Bitcoin in coinbase account

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